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How Many Ketamine Treatments for Depression?

How Many Ketamine Treatments For Depression

Imagine you’re walking through a relentless storm, each step heavier with the weight of depression. You’ve heard of ketamine treatments, a ray of light cutting through the downpour, offering a different path to well-being. You’re curious but cautious: how many sessions will you need? Typically, you’re looking at an initial series of 6 to 8 […]

Can You Overdose on Ketamine?

Can You Overdose On Ketamine

Is the allure of the enigmatic worth the gamble when it comes to psychedelic therapy? Delving into the realms of ketamine therapy necessitates a thoughtful approach. While it may seem benign within a medical setting, the fine line between safe use and perilous misapplication becomes apparent when ketamine is mishandled or combined with other substances. […]