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The Top 10 Triggers to Avoid for Someone With PTSD

The Top 10 Triggers to Avoid for Someone With PTSD

The Top 10 Triggers to Avoid for Someone With PTSD Living with PTSD can feel like walking through a minefield of triggers, where even small things can set off a big reaction. This guide is here to help you recognize the top 10 triggers to steer clear of, like sudden loud noises or dates linked […]

Strategies to Prevent Ketamine Tolerance Over Time

Strategies To Prevent Ketamine Tolerance Over Time

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and when it comes to using ketamine, you’ll want to stay ahead of tolerance. You’re likely aware of its therapeutic potential, but you also need to understand how to sustain its efficacy over time. By managing your dosage and treatment frequency, you can prevent your […]

The Difference Between Esketamine Vs Ketamine

The Difference Between Esketamine Vs Ketamine

Nearly 30% of adults with major depression don’t respond to standard treatments, leading you to seek alternatives like esketamine or ketamine. While you may confuse them due to their similar names, they’re distinct in their uses and regulation. You’ll find esketamine, a more recent player in the mental health field, specifically approved for treatment-resistant depression, […]

How Does Spravato Work?

How Does Spravato Work

You’ve battled the shadows of depression, each day a silent struggle. Now, let’s shed light on Spravato, your potential ally. This nasal spray, powered by esketamine, operates on an entirely different principle than the antidepressants you’re used to. It targets glutamate, a neurotransmitter essential for brain function, to rapidly enhance mood and cognitive processes. You’ll […]

Demystifying Esketamine Spravato Dosage

Demystifying Esketamine Spravato Dosage

You’re stepping into a time machine, not to explore the past, but to unlock the future of your mental health with information about Spravato. Grasping its dosage is like decoding Morse in a digital world—tricky yet essential. Each sniff of this nasal spray delivers a total of 28 mg of esketamine, Compared to Ketamine, Spravato […]

Does Ketamine Therapy Get You High?

Does Ketamine Therapy Get You High

You’ve heard tales of club-goers using ketamine to plunge into a trance-like state, but now you’re considering it as a legit medical treatment. It’s natural to wonder if ketamine therapy will leave you feeling high. In medical settings, ketamine’s administered in controlled doses, vastly different from the quantities found on the street. While it’s true […]

10 Things to Do to Maximize the Impact of Ketamine Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Ketamine Therapy For Depression And Anxiety

Picture yourself on the verge of a tranquil forest, ready to embark on the serene journey that is psychedelic therapy. The anticipation mirrors the entrance into the peaceful unknown, armed with essential strategies to maximize the impact of your ketamine therapy sessions. Empower yourself by taking deliberate actions; commence by discussing your medications with your […]

How Many Ketamine Treatments for Depression?

How Many Ketamine Treatments For Depression

Imagine you’re walking through a relentless storm, each step heavier with the weight of depression. You’ve heard of ketamine treatments, a ray of light cutting through the downpour, offering a different path to well-being. You’re curious but cautious: how many sessions will you need? Typically, you’re looking at an initial series of 6 to 8 […]

Can You Overdose on Ketamine?

Can You Overdose On Ketamine

Is the allure of the enigmatic worth the gamble when it comes to psychedelic therapy? Delving into the realms of ketamine therapy necessitates a thoughtful approach. While it may seem benign within a medical setting, the fine line between safe use and perilous misapplication becomes apparent when ketamine is mishandled or combined with other substances. […]

Insights on How long does Ketamine Last For Depression

Understanding The Lasting Effects Of Ketamine In Depression

  Nearly one in five adults will experience mental illness in a given year, and for many, depression is a relentless battle. You might be intrigued by ketamine therapy, it’s an emergence as a potential lifeline when other treatments haven’t cut it. This isn’t your usual antidepressant, ketamine works in your brain in a way […]